MUJI: Bathroom Essential Tray

Muji is minimal. A brand that makes life more simple and pleasant. Straight to the point products, no ugly patterns or designs, high quality, and affordable. I picked up a few goodies for my bathroom essentials. All listed below.


Bottles are so tacky, bulky, just a hassle.

I picked up 2 PET Refill Bottles $5. A white bottle and a clear one. Perfect for Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Body Wash, etc. They have a foam bottle available as well perfect for dish and hand soap. I applied Glossier stickers on the bottle to identify the liquid in the bottles.

Travel Lotion Container- $1.95

I like putting lotion in a little tube because the tube is travel friendly. The PE TUBE is the perfect lotion bottle. It is very easy to pump lotion into this bottle with no mess.

Cotton Swabs- $3

I love the container the cotton swabs are packaged in and at the MUJI store they have refills which makes it easy to refill when the box is done. They also have black cotton swabs which looked pretty neat. 200 swabs included.


I put 3 skincare products on the tray, the daily essentials.


Makeup Tray- $2.80

I bought two of these trays. Currently all of the makeup trays and storage are 20% off. You can pop these trays in your desk, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere. It fits my bathroom essentials perfectly! The other tray I purchased is holding my minimal makeup collection.


I keep this in the tray if I need to dab my face off or use it in the shower.

I’m really happy with my MUJI products. Effortless + practical.



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