A Dewy Morning


Follow this affordable 7-Step Skin Routine in the AM and your skin will thank you. 

1. Put your hair back - I love using my Mustard Yellow Headband in the AM, I . Putting your hair back before working on the face makes everything much easier. No hair sticking to the face and no hair in the mouth, coast is clear. 

2. Cleanse - Before the cleanser splash cold water onto the face, give those skin cells a good morning wake up call. After the skin is damp apply 1-2 pumps of Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. Apply all over the face in circular motions and let it melt into the skin. Rinse it off. Pat your skin with a towel but leave the skin a little damp, don't completely dry the skin. 

3. Eye Hydration - Hydrating under-eyes is the key to a fresh + young face. Can't forget those little suckers. I use The Srem Hydrating Eye Stick the container is a cute little polar bear. It has a cooling effect that feels refreshing especially in the AM. Swipe it under the eyes a couple times, be gentle because under-eye skin is very delicate so avoid tugging and rough motions. I use 2 drops of The Ordinary Caffeine Eye Solution and massage it onto the under eye area as well. This product moisturizes, reduces the look of dark circles, and puffiness. I never had dark circles until I moved to New York :( they aren't too bad but still there, just chilling.  

4. Moisturize - Apply a tiny amount of The Ordinary's Surface Hydration Formula onto your finger and onto the skin. This product works great under makeup, over makeup, or no makeup. I really appreciate the delicate yet effective formula. It gives the face an excellent shine, a healthy glow not a greasy glow. I usually apply this onto my cheekbones and nose. 

5. Skin Food - This product is a must have! Every single human needs to incorporate Weleda's Skin Food into their skincare regimen. You only need the tiniest drop and apply everywhere. This is great for the winter time as well because it locks the moisture in. When you apply this in the AM you do not need to re-apply moisturizer during the day it keeps the skin well fed though  out the day. No touch ups required. 

6. Your skin is now cleansed & hydrated. It's time to finish the glow. Take the Tatcha Dewy Luminous Mist and spritz your face. This really finishes off the face. Your face will gleam and beam no HIGHLIGHTER required! This mist is one of the best mists you can get. Say goodbye to Mario Badescu's Rose Water and hello to your new best (mist) friend. Tatcha makes the bare face so beautiful adding a seamless sheen to the skin. 

7. Once you are all done misting...snap a quick selfie of that fresh luxurious, dewy, healthy glow and put it on the 'gram!

Everyone has a different skincare routine. Some more intense and require more products and some routines are on the minimal side. It depends on your skin type. Starting off easy and minimal is the best way to go and slowly build up more products and steps as you do research and try out different products that vibe with you! It's very customizable + fun to see the results.


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