The Clear Tote

Goodbye backpack, hello clear tote! When I came to New York to officially move in for college I was originally going to carry the classic Fjallraven backpack. I noticed that so many people carried this exact bag, BORING. I wanted something unique, something new, something I didn't own. Just being in New York for a couple days I noticed that many New Yorkers carried totes. A very simple structured bag, easy to carry, and holds many items. Once I knew the style of bag I wanted, I started to search. And the perfect bag was waiting for me hanging right underneath the spotlight in Zara on 5th Ave. 

This bag is everything! The size is great, durable vinyl material, two handles, and one cross body strap. Icing on the cake, it's CLEAR. Carrying a clear bag makes every item easy to find, exactly what I need. Quick access to everything while hustling throughout this busy city. My school supplies that I keep in my bag change day to day. The necessities remain the same everyday. Read below to find out the items that never leave my bag. 



The Necessities :

Iridescent Card Holder - This envelope style card case is perfect. It holds my MTA card, Debit card, ID, and student ID. I purchased this card holder at Urban Outfitters. It's also very easy to find because it's flashy. 


BKR Water Bottle - Spikey, baby pink, and BPA free. You can purchase this water bottle at Neiman Marcus, Sephora, online, etc. It's a simple water bottle with great grip/protection and a leakproof lid. 


Dean & Deluca Water bottle - If my BKR gets empty I have an extra bottle on hand. This bottle is from the Dean & Deluca market. It's slim, great backup water bottle. 

Pencil Case - If you like the whole minimalist neutral aesthetic you will fall in love with everything Muji carries. There are multiple locations here in NY, whenever I pass one I always pop in. The school supplies they carry are all made of quality materials. I really appreciate Muji and all of their little goods. I carry the matte zip pencil case, it's very soft and fits all of my fun gel pens and cute kawaii pencils.  

Phone - I got this phone case a couple days ago in Chinatown it has Gudetama all over it a Japanese egg character. Along with my charming phone case I picked up a dangling sushi charm. My phone has a kawaii vibe going on right now and I am so here for it. On the back of my case I attached a sticky heart ring, the ring is very nice because I can hold multiple things in my hand along with my phone and not having to worry about dropping it. This ring also works as a phone stand. 


Portable chargers - I have two portable chargers one black and one gold. They are covered in Kimoji stickers. Portable chargers are vital to every single New Yorker. A dead phone is not a vibe. Always carry a charger, you don't wanna be "that" person that walks into Starbucks and orders a water just to sit and use an outlet, be prepared. 

Miu Miu Case - No sunnies in this beautiful pink velvet case just headphones an iPhone charger cord, and tissues. A very extra but fabulous way to carry tissue packets + cords. 




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