Daily Necessities


On the desk, in the fanny pack, or on the bedside table, these items are always within hands reach. These are the items that I use on the reg.

Sunglasses - Finding a pair that fits the face isn't always the easiest thing - keeping up with a pair is also difficult for me. I love buying cheap pairs that are funky. I bought these 90s inspired specs from Avalon for $10. This shape is really in and gives any outfit a fierce touch. 

Headphones/Charger - ALWAYS keep your charger on you! My phone is always dying so I keep the wire and cube with me at all times. Headphones are a must if you are commuting from place to place, sometimes you need some beats to motivate you throughout the day. 

Hair Tie - Couldn't live without em. Constantly losing them and finding them in random places. I keep a little stack on my bedside table and keep 2 on my wrist - you never know when these suckers will snap on ya, always carry extra!

Card Case - Cards are always being misplaced and thrown around. If you throw your card around you need one of these. It's slim and helpful, you just have to get use to putting it in the slot and not throwing it in the bottom of your bag. I snagged this cute case from eBay

Candy - Love candy. Always have some random pieces of fruity chews in my fanny or on my desk. 

Moisturizer - It's a vital step in every skincare routine. My face is constantly dry due to the season so I keep this little guy on me 24/7. You can purchase Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer from Whole Foods. 

Glossy - During the week I rarely wear makeup but if I decide to, it is very minimal. I conceal, swipe on mascara, and lather on some gloss. Glossy lips just add the perfect finish to any face. Gloss is from Glossier

Muji Pens - When I was in New York last summer I bought a pack of Muji gel pens. They are perfect for scribbling down notes or to do lists. Love all of the colors and the fine tip. Find these pens on muji.com


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