Skin reflects your well being - it can indicate your health status (sometimes). You want to focus on the things that are good for your skin rather than focusing on things that will make it look good for a moment. So you have to focus on what you are eating, water intake, and products that you put on and inside of yourself. 


Hydration / Your body needs water to properly function. Water is the best beverage, it's hydrating and simple. If you don't drink enough water, start slow and set a daily goal of water intake. Skin is a detoxifying organ and releases toxins through the pores. Water makes this detoxifying process easier. If you want to drink water in style I recommend buying a BKR water bottle. The styles and colors are endless and they’re BPA free.

Cleanse / Cleansing the skin allows the skin to breathe and refresh. Not removing makeup before bed is a terrible habit and the consequence will show throughout your skin. You don't get in bed with shoes, you remove them - do the same with your makeup. A light natural soap does the job as well as coconut oil on a cotton pad. 

Exfoliate / I love exfoliating because it is really easy and makes my face 100x smoother. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead layers of skin and allows your moisturizers and products to absorb better. Once or twice a week, you don't want to over do it. I use the Acnedote Green Face and Body Exfoliator - you can buy this at Whole Foods in the Skincare aisle. 


Moisturize / In the morning and before bed is when I apply moisturizer to my face. My favorite moisturizer is Skin Food by Weleda. It smells good and gives the skin a dewy glow. It has a thicker consistency but easily goes into the skin. It is a top product that needs to be part of everyones skin regimen. You can get this product at Whole Foods and they have little travel tubes available at Target.  I also love massaging this onto my face slowly waking preparing the skin for the day or before a restful snooze. 

Spritz / I spray my face occasionally. When I know my skin is really dry after I moisturize I do little spritz just to lock in the moisturizer. It is always fun trying out new sprays but it is even more fun when you can make it yourself. Get yourself a glass spray bottle, rose water, vegetable glycerin, alkaline water. If you want a more dewy glow look add more glycerin to the mix. There isn’t a specific way to mix the ingredients it all depends on what you want and your skin type. 

Be good to your skin and it will be good to you. 



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