2 Girls 2 Mini Bags

Large handbags are out, mini bags are in. Mini bags are easier to carry, absolutely adorable, and don’t accumulate as much clutter so everything is easier to find and the size allows you to carry MUST HAVE ESSENTIALS no extra BS.

I asked my roommates about the five essential items they keep in their bags and this is what they shared — let’s see what they keep in their bags while running around the big apple on the daily.

Hayley’s Mini Prada Bag


“The bag is timeless, cute, and something I can keep and use forever” - HG

The Five Essentials

  1. Some sort of lip balm - i absolutely hate having chapped lips, my favorite is blistex lip medex 

2. Small wallet/card holder - just small enough to hold some cash and my id, metro card, credit/debit cards 

3. Phone charger/ Portable charger - favorite is myCharge razor

4. Disposable camera or an extra roll of film if i’m carrying my camera around - just super fun and easy to capture memories with :)

5. Airpods - life saver in nyc being hands free is so beneficial and not being tangled in cords is amazing when riding the subway/getting to school


Katie’s LV Mini Handbag


“I received this bag as a gift when i was 8. i’ve loved it ever since. it’s always been an iconic look. you can easily dress it up or wear it casually. for its size you can actually fit a lot in it. designer bags are an amazing investment considering how much the value increases through out the years” KC

1. Hair spray - my hair always gets flat, i like to put my hair upside down and tease it for extra volume.

2. Glossier Birthday Cake Balm- for when i need that hydrating boost with a hint of glitter

3. Mini Emergency Kit- this thing has everything from tampons to a sewing kit

4. Juicy Couture glasses - 2000’s legendary look

5. Aquaphor- helps with dry skin and peeling tattoos. when my lips are super dry i like to put this on and then the glossier for a glossy look.

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