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Things that I am currently loving—

French Press - This is a great appliance to have especially if you are living in a small space and a coffee machine is just not necessary for you or your space. It’s easy to use, works with tea and coffee, it’s very quick too! The clean up is super simple as well and I found this french press for $7 at Marshall’s.

Ohii Lip Jelly - Ohii is Urban Outfitters new beauty brand. They carry skincare and makeup products. I picked up the Rose Lip Jelly. Ever since I picked it up I can’t seem to put it down. The Lip Jelly is hydrating and soaks deep into the lips. The Lip Jelly is available in 3 different flavors Mint, Rose, and Agave! The size of the Lip Jellies are perfect, great to leave on a nightstand, throw in a bag, or keep at your desk.

Mini Aroma Diffuser - My mini diffuser is on 24/7. It’s tiny but mighty. The shape and size is perfect for any small space. I use an essential oil called “Blue Ocean” that I picked up from a small gift shop in Chinatown. I add a couple drops of the essential oil, fill water up to the fill line, pop the lid on, and push the button. You can find these all over Amazon.

Mario Badescu Hydrating Serum - My skin lately has been super dehydrated because of the weather change. I’ve been waking up with super dehydrated skin so before I go to bed I lather this gel onto my face. This product is quite interesting because the texture, I expected it to be heavier. It’s super lightweight, goes into the skin quickly, and there is no oil in the product so it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Clear Card Case - A card case is an everyday essential for me. I carry my Metro card and ID in this clear zip case from MUJI. It’s perfect to grab and go. I love that it’s clear because I have to scan my ID to enter buildings for school so it makes the scanning process quite simple.

Antibac Spray - I love spraying and wiping down my surrounding surfaces constantly. Especially when the spray I’m using has a zesty scent. Currently using and loving the Antibac Spray Citron Scent by Method. It smells so good and works well. They have a whole line of sprays and I bet they all smell amazing.

Metal Straw - When I moved to New York I was on the hunt for a metal straw. I don’t know why I didn’t just order one. I settled with acrylic plastic straws, hated them, and threw them away. Finally stumbled upon a stack of metal straws at Urban Outfitters. I purchased one straw that also came with the custom straw brush. The brand is U-Konserve and it was only $6.

Coconut Chunks - I love adding Coco chunks to my smoothies because it gives them an interesting texture. There’s also a lot of nutritional benefits from coconut meat.

NYX Control Freak - This is a quick and easy to use liquid brow gel. Keeps all of the brows in place. Sometimes I’ll just groom my brows and and this on top with no other product.

NYX Worth The Hype - Mascara is one of my favorite steps to do. This mascara really exaggerates the lashes. The formula creates length, boldness, and volume. Honestly this product works wonders. If you like a natural light lash look this mascara isn’t for you.

Bio Oil - This oil easily absorbs into the skin and helps with deep moisture. I use this on my face because I have slightly uneven skin tone and on my butt cheeks. I have a lot of uneven tones on my bum so I rub this oil onto the cheeks after every shower.

Peach Nectar Hand Cream - Hand cream in the Fall/Winter is a must have. My hands get so crusty if I don’t keep them moisturized every second of the day. I keep this on my bedside table and transfer it to my backpack or purse before I leave. This product works great and smells lovely, although I wish it came in a larger size :(

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