RMS Beauty

RMS is an organic beauty line that you need to know about! We all know that the makeup we use is full of chemicals and it's difficult to find brands that have honest and clean ingredients. If you are on the hunt for good makeup this blog post is just for you! The makeup looks beautiful on and the ingredients are awesome. No animal testing, GMO Free, Gluten Free, and Soy free. The packaging is all recyclable as well. You can go to their website and check out all of the amazing ingredients and their philosophy behind the brand.  Usually when you buy organic makeup it tends to wear off quickly, the colors aren't pigmented, consistency is weird, etc. It's totally different with RMS. All of the makeup wears beautifully and leaves the skin moisturized because of the beneficial ingredients! 

Cream Eye Polish- I don't really wear eyeshadow but when I do, I like a glowy bronze look. Solar is  a great color because it is dark and shimmery. It's so smooth and doesn't crease when wearing it.

Get your highlight right with the Living Luminizer- 

Gives the skin a luminous and youthful glow. It's not glittery or greasy. Looks beautiful on every skin tone. Put a little on your cheekbones, cupid's bow, nose and in between your eyes. 

Add a pop of color to your lips and cheeks with the LIP2CHEEK- 

This is a 2 in 1 product which makes it even better. Gives your lips a shine and pop of red. Apply to your cheeks for a rosy look. In the color BELOVED 





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