Plant Babies

Sometimes we forget to show our appreciation and love for nature, because we are inside of our offices and homes. Break the barrier, become more in touch with nature. Bring the succulents, cacti, and air plants into your space. 

Plants are cute, calming, and unique. They eliminate pollutants and turn the toxic crap into breathable fresh air. They improve our physical and emotional health. Caring for something living is a good feeling. 

Call up your bestie and have a little plant party with them. Go to your local farmer's market or nursery and pick out your new plant friend. It's so relaxing walking into a calm nursery full of vibrant fresh plants everywhere. Love it. (If you are in St.Louis check out Flowers & Weeds, Richmond Heights Nursery, and Bowood Farms for cute succulents)


After you choose your plant find a cute container to put them in. Teacups, mason jars, hanging terrariums, anything will work. 

Get your container - add a thin layer of gravel/pebbles (allows water drainage) - fill up with soil - pop in the succulent - cover roots with soil - throw in some decorative moss or keep it simple. 

Put your new plant baby on your desk, hang it over your bed, put it on your coffee table. Only water when the soil is totally dry! Name your new plant, talk to it, obsess over it. You are now an official plant parent. 




LifeLily Kiti3 Comments