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26 Hours

26 things I did while I was in ATL for 26 hours

  1. Took the train inside of the airport to exit the airport, this was a whole situation  
  2. Snapped a few shoe pics on yellow concrete 
  3. Ubered to the AIRBNB and cruised past the city buildings glancing at the skyline
  4. Ate 2 slices of Savage Pizza 
  5. Knocked out for 2-3 hours 
  6. Changed my outfit 3x but wore the original outfit I flew in
  7. Enjoyed the breezy weather at night
  8. Pulled up to the Mammal Gallery 
  9. Met Mady outside of the event (hugged and cried) 
  10. Listened to good music and drank a lil bit 
  11. Danced with a random girl that was wearing a leopard coat and birthday shades 
  12. Left the gallery and drove back to the AIRBNB
  13. Ate a couple scoops of Halo Top 
  14. Bashed a bowl of spicy ramen that Mady cooked up 
  15. Watched 20 minutes of SAW and fell asleep on the couch with 2 other people 
  16. Woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding headache. And checked the bedroom because I was smashed and uncomfy on the couch. 
  17. Fell asleep in the bed 
  18. Woke up and clogged the toilet 
  19. Spent a solid 20 minutes trying to unclog the toilet with dish soap and a dysfunctional plunger 
  20. Ran to Target with Mady to get a better plunger 
  21. Also purchased breadsticks, one hot dog, and a slurpie 
  22. Rushed back to the house because I had to catch a flight. People that were staying in the AIRBNB still used the toilet even though it was clogged up.
  23. Unclogged the toilet and scooped out very much urine using 2 styrofoam cups. 
  24. Left the house, Mady drove me to the airport, and we were stuck in traffic :( 
  25. Missed my flight and was put onto a different one 
  26. Got on the plane with pee splattered clothes and a half eaten dunkin donut from the airport.
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