Outfits / Fall Edition

Cold weather is so depressing to me and attempting to dress cute while the weather is bitter is hard. I've gathered my favorite outfits that I've been rocking since fall/winter has made its way. 

Faux Pajamas: A vertical striped shirt and pants is all you need to achieve the "I woke up like this" look. I love this look because it's so effortless. The top is from H&M and the pants are vintage. I usually pair this look with silver boot or a furry slide to give it the real slumber party vibe. You can honestly dress this up or down by tying the top in a knot, exposing a little belly and putting a funky heel on. Or throw on some sneakers either way it is comfortable and simple. 

Overalls: Overalls were never really my thing until I found the perfect buttery yellow pair thrifting! I like wearing a long sleeve bodysuit underneath or a long sleeve shirt. Overalls are so simple you just throw something on under and buckle them up! I put a yellow coat over the outfit and the yellow's look so good together. A simple monochrome outfit is always the way to go. 


Just Black: Who doesn't love an all black outfit?! It's sleek and sophisticated. Just a few days ago I wore black wranglers, a bodysuit from ZAFUL.com, and threw a soft black blazer over my shoulders. Blazers just add the extra touch of class to pretty much any outfit they are truly great and compliment the shoulders. 


Camel & Denim: Nude colored tops are one of my fav's because they blend in with my skin color and the look ends up being very bare and sleek. I bought this off the shoulder camel bodysuit from PRETTYLITTLETHINGS.com and wore a light wash ripped pair of jeans with them. Honestly bodysuits are heaven sent, they keep you warm and you don't have worry about tucking anything into your pants. They are just easy to wear and easy to layer. 


I obviously workout look at my tracksuit....DUH: This outfit will trick anybody! The tracksuit vibe makes you look athletic and fit when you are really just trying to stay warm and are too lazy to put a real outfit on. I thrifted this matching Wilson Tracksuit and it's pretty freaking awesome. It's comfortable and there is nothing more to it. 

Those were just a few of my favorite things I've worn quite often in the past couple months! I hope this inspired you and maybe you can implement some of these effortless and inexpensive pieces/outfits into your wardrobe. 

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