Oh hey! I'm Lily Kiti 

Behind the brand...

Designing + crafting  has always been an outlet for me to express creativity. Planning and producing is what I love doing. After a lot of sketches, lists, and time I was able to produce a full jewelry line. The jewelry got a lot of exposure. My customers from all over the world were all in love with the brand.

Constantly hand making jewelry from morning to night became the norm! There was a constant demand for it and I was doing it all.After I opened my little online shop I wanted to throw a blog into the mix. To give my website a little more of a lifestyle vibe. It always feels good to kinda get to know the owner of a brand to get the true vibe. And I think incorporating a blog was a perfect idea. I love sharing things I love. Expressing who I am through a blog builds a connection between customer and owner. 





This brand is a collection of random items that I truly enjoy producing. It feels good to produce good things for good people. The collection reaches towards the fresh + modern people that enjoy pretty things. Everything that is produced is to enhance beauty, style, and confidence. 

Building a brand has been a dream that I always thought would be accomplished later in my life. But this little dream of mine became a reality and has become a lifestyle. It's something I am so proud of but it's something that is still in the works. With a lot of work, failure, tears, success, and smiles it is the best thing I've done.